Sunday, 28 July 2013

more flower pictures!!

still cant get them the right way around lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

flowers, sales and birthdays!

Well I have been busy for the past few days taking photographs for my sale album which I will post on Monday evening at 8pm (GMT)...having 6 weeks off work is such a luxury that I also have been able to do a little cooking. I have a wonderful vegetable garden and lots of recipes so I made a couple of tarts in the week... My lilies are doing well and though being battered by the wind are lovely (and smelly) I have cut 4 flowers for a vase in my living room and I am nearly being knocked out my the aroma! I think some of the pictures may be wonky.... We are nearly in August and as well as going on a wee holiday it is a month with a few birthdays! My godson, one of my closest friends and my baby sister so I have been trying to think of original presnts made by people with little businesses rather than massive ones! Pics to follow when they all arrive ---- 2 from the USA.... I have also entered a jewellery competition on FB on a closed group - didnt win but was good to get creative with the same beads as everyone else and see what they came up with - this is my entry...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Starting at the beginning

Well after about 3 hours I have finally settled on a design for this blog... Important points to consider 1. I love colours...bright colours and particularly that had to be there 2. I love flowers.... 3. I want to link this to my jewellery pages on FB as that is probably what i will mainly be discussing... so whatdoyathink!!! Pretty huh!!! Me - I am a teacher, a mother and I hope creator of pretty things. I love 1. the colour orange (yes there it is again!!) 2. flowers particularly lillies, sweetpeas and clematis and have been known to also grow hundreds of fuschia too 3. i love travelling----anywhere really 4. i love charms and anything in miniature....i would love to own a doll's house.. 5. artisan beads....ooooooohhhh 6. potatoes...ok thats random!! 7. my husband, daughter and my little dog (this should be at number 1!) 8. sunshine especially in Malta...swimming in the Blue Lagoon 9. reading 10. and proobably a million other things I cant think of right now but probably will at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning!!! So today hope to start making something pretty...I have 42 days off work for the summer so my aim is to make at least one thing every this space!!! Here are some previous creations I also make bag charms...