Sunday, 28 July 2013

flowers, sales and birthdays!

Well I have been busy for the past few days taking photographs for my sale album which I will post on Monday evening at 8pm (GMT)...having 6 weeks off work is such a luxury that I also have been able to do a little cooking. I have a wonderful vegetable garden and lots of recipes so I made a couple of tarts in the week... My lilies are doing well and though being battered by the wind are lovely (and smelly) I have cut 4 flowers for a vase in my living room and I am nearly being knocked out my the aroma! I think some of the pictures may be wonky.... We are nearly in August and as well as going on a wee holiday it is a month with a few birthdays! My godson, one of my closest friends and my baby sister so I have been trying to think of original presnts made by people with little businesses rather than massive ones! Pics to follow when they all arrive ---- 2 from the USA.... I have also entered a jewellery competition on FB on a closed group - didnt win but was good to get creative with the same beads as everyone else and see what they came up with - this is my entry...

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