Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Time travelling - too quickly

I have lots to share - lots of pictures of the lovely flowesr in my garden plus a few holiday pictures from my trip to Switzerland. Not quite sure how to add pictures from my i pad so will have to do that at some point tomorrow...I am just determined to try and keep this blog going! I have been experimenting with some new jewellery making ideas and i am hoping to get two collections out. I love using crystal glaze and am very tempted to try using resin in my designs. I also like the idea of mixed media designs having made quilts in the dim and distant past. I have bought some new art beads and am awaiting two deliveries from the USA as well as some beads by UK artists. They are all by well known artists and i am very excited to be using their beads in my work. I am also comissioned a polymer clay artists to work on some of my design ideas...all so exciting for me! I am hoping when i win the lottery to do this full time! One of my main problems though is my inability to keep to one idea and my mind jumps all over the place. I have decided to make up a design pad so i can keep track of my ideas...this may slow me down and prevent there being about 20 things on the go at once! Anyway pics to follow of flowers and all things nice

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